Sit Back, Cool Off & Read This Important Message.

Prepare Your Business for Potential, Upcoming Weather Disasters. RCOR invites you to join our Emergency Preparedness Mailing List.

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We hope you’ve had a chance to cool off from this summer heat with the fan we sent to you. And, we also hope you’ll take the time to sit back and read this important message.

Prepare Your Business for Potential, Upcoming Weather Disasters.

As you know, the summer and fall in North Carolina can bring on some violent storms, including the odd hurricane that grinds its way up the coast and makes landfall. If you’ve lived in our area for a while, you know that hurricanes can also spur up tornados causing downed trees and power lines. Eventually, lakes and rivers overflow with flooding that closes down roads, businesses, and even towns (like Lumberton, NC, last summer).

However, some IT companies have overlooked this and haven’t prepared their clients’ businesses for a potential disaster. As a result, their data is vulnerable when a category-one hurricane, or even a severe thunderstorm hit.

RCOR Invites You to Join our Emergency Preparedness Mailing List.

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We have nothing to sell. And we won’t spam you with endless marketing emails. That’s not the way we work at RCOR. We simply want you to join our mailing list so we can alert you long before a disaster strikes our area.

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If you believe your IT system isn’t being properly maintained, your computers aren’t protected, data isn’t safely stored offsite, and you don’t have a plan in case you can’t make it to the office—Or, if you just want to speak with an IT professional in the Raleigh/Durham area who cares about you and your business—Give me a call.

I want to talk to you. I won’t give you a sales pitch or pressure you into working with RCOR. We simply want to help—And if we can, great.

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Tim Richter IT Consultant RCOR Technologies