A basic but vital part of your business’ IT infrastructure is your antivirus and antimalware software. These programs protect your network by scanning files, programs, and other system and network activity for suspicious code or behaviours. If these programs detect a potential threat, it can be stopped and quarantined for your inspection.

An estimated 390,000 new malicious programs are being released each day. That translates to a terrifying 271 new threats every minute. Choosing the right software to protect your business against threats like ransomware can be the difference between being safe, and being a statistic.

Effective antivirus and antimalware solutions rely on a multilayer approach to security. This means using both signature based software and Heuristic software to protect your network. Signature based software updates its database of known threats to allow the software to search for infections. These updates are applied automatically at regular intervals whenever there is an Internet connection present. During the period of time between updates, your network is vulnerable to new threats that your software doesn’t know about yet.

Which is why Heuristic software is crucial. Heuristic static analysis scans files in search of suspicious actions or features like obscured code, flagging them before traditional software is even aware of the potential threat.

RCOR Technologies uses a system for our customers that includes Windows Defender as the signature based component, and both Webroot and Malwarebytes as the Heuristic component.

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