RCOR provides small business IT support that doesn’t waste your time or money, and instills loyalty in our clientele through a rigorous approach to best practices and client satisfaction. We’ve earned our place as a leader among IT companies in Raleigh NC by listening to our customers as much as we listen to the call for everyday technical innovations and expertise.

We seek to make life easier for our fellow North Carolina business owners with IT service and management that augments and collaborates with network administrators and executives. This helps them get done what they need in terms of meeting their ultimate IT and business intelligence objectives.

With RCOR providing you both onsite and remote computer support in Raleigh, your IT horizons will be greatly expanded, and your fears and stresses about network support “presence” will likely fade away, replaced by enduring satisfaction.

What do you think makes you a standout among other Raleigh IT companies?

Being a favorite choice among IT support companies means we must have a client-aligned approach to IT management. You no longer need to experience any sleepless nights regarding your network services, as RCOR easily handles any computer network anomalies with our consistent and cost-efficient managed IT services platform.

How can your IT company cover all my computer networking contingencies?

Mainly through our extremely engaged, interactive support platform and monitoring tools that keep us clued-in down to the minute on what’s happening on your IT network, allowing us to make adjustments in the most agile manner.

Do you provide the latest tools and techniques to thwart any kind of cyber threat? 

See if this partial checklist of what we can do to optimize your cyber security resonates with you:

  • Round-the-clock emergency troubleshooting resolves security issues immediately.
  • Both remote and onsite support apparatuses keep your fortress invasion-free.
  • Access to our 24/7 help desk call center quickly addresses your questions and concerns.
  • Our network security evaluations determine and resolve any vulnerabilities in your IT systems.
  • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan will protect your IT systems and data.
  • Customization & development implements and maintains client-tailored, security-related applications, and more!

Sounds great! How do I get started?

With just a simple phone call you can begin the process. Our Raleigh IT support gives your business the network care that you can truly excel with. Contact us at (919) 313-9355 or email us at tim@rcor.com for more details, and we’ll soon have you receiving the kind of support in Raleigh NC IT companies like ours confidently deliver!