Your Business Continues To Create And Store More Data Than Ever Before.

Business Continuity Planning

What if an unexpected data loss is just around the corner?

Would your business survive?

A wide-range of potential risks is threatening the security and accessibility of your data. It’s just a fact.

If you’re not protecting your data, you’re at risk for costly data loss and theft.

94% of businesses will experience a data catastrophe at some point.

But there’s no need to take risks!

RCOR Technologies offers Data Backup and Disaster Avoidance solutions to keep your data secure, accessible, and reliable at all times.

Don’t risk data rebuild costs, reputational damage, employee’s jobs, and potential legal liability.

Don’t get caught without a data backup and disaster avoidance solution!

Your business must be prepared.

Even if you don’t experience a fire, flood, or storm, what about human error and criminal intrusion?

You just can’t take the risk.

Our team of disaster avoidance experts will help you build and execute a reliable strategy to protect your business in the event of a disaster.

We will…

  • Encrypt and backup your data onsite and offsite
  • Monitor your backups 24/7 to ensure their safety
  • Test your backups regularly to guarantee recoverability
  • Optimize the process for quick data recovery

Data backup and disaster avoidance protocols are part of a solid business continuity strategy to keep your business running – even in the event of unexpected catastrophic circumstances.

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