Carolina Vein Center, located in Durham, NC, is a comprehensive vein clinic that specializes in the management and treatment of medical leg veins and cosmetic spider veins. When Carolina Vein Center needed to redo their wireless infrastructure and stay ahead of their evolving IT needs, RCOR Technologies was there help them out!

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As a busy one-physician clinic, Carolina Vein Center has a wide range of IT needs without the time or resources to handle those needs efficiently. While Carolina Vein Center had someone to help them out with computer issues, they needed a higher level of assistance and guidance than a single IT person could offer.

RCOR Technologies to the Rescue: a 3-Year Assurance Plan to Keep Their IT Running at Peak Performance!

Carolina Vein Center now benefits from a 3-year assurance plan to handle all of their IT needs and give them peace of mind knowing they’re able to:

  • Boost productivity as a result of proactive 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance designed to keep their information systems working properly.
  • Enhance network consistency with a well-designed wireless infrastructure that keeps connectivity and speed consistent at all times for more reliability.
  • Increase security through managed anti-virus, firewalls, and patch management to keep their information systems and data secure against malware, viruses, and other threats.
  • Minimize downtime thanks to our responsive team of help desk professionals who are there and ready to help whenever necessary to resolve issues.
  • Ensure business continuity with comprehensive data backup/disaster recovery to keep their IT systems and data recoverable in the event of disaster.

Ultimately, we make sure their information technology works for them and their unique needs – offering the availability, security, and performance needed to keep their clinic productive and profitable.

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