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Now that January has come and gone, business owners across the country are switching from resolution mode to work mode. The ideas and goals that we’re laid out for the new year are taking shape, and with ‘World Innovation Day’ falling on February 16th, business professionals are looking for the forward-thinking technologies that will help support their goals throughout the year. The team of IT experts at RCOR Technologies have established themselves as ‘innovation watchdogs’ and for this year’s innovation day their committed to connecting professionals with the leading innovations to keep businesses secure and compliant.

Payment Card Compliance

The modern business market is defined by instant access and easy transactions. More and more, consumers are choosing to pay for goods and services using payment cards and online check-out options. While the convenience is king, compliance standards for any business or organization that accepts, processes, stores or transmits customer credit card information are a vital responsibility. Companies who fail to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are faced with severe penalties and expensive violation fines that can be devastating for business owners.

The team of technology experts at Raleigh’s RCOR Technologies are inspired by compliance and security challenges and are skilled at implementing tech solutions that uphold PCI standards. They know firsthand that staying compliant with PCI standards is fundamental to protecting a company’s livelihood and ability to operate. In fact, in the spirit of ‘World Innovation Day,and/or’ the RCOR team is encouraging all businesses to get innovative with their approach to data security and industry compliance. Harnessing technology to keep data secure and/or uphold compliance standards keeps business running smoothly and protects long-term financial prosperity – what could be more innovative than that?

The RCOR team is committed to remaining a step ahead of cyber criminals through consistent and vigorous knowledge sharing and collaborative awareness building. “’World Innovation Day’ is a great reminder of just how innovative and sophisticated hackers are getting in their efforts to breach secure data networks.” RCOR CEO, Tim Richter says. “That’s why we’re committed to staying innovative in our approach to keep business owners informed and protected. We want business owners to feel empowered by technology and not threatened by it.” In fact, the RCOR team is so committed to informing and empowering business owners; they will be holding a not-to-be-missed webinar on PCI compliance this February 28th at 2 pm! All business professionals are welcome to register. Full webinar details can be found at www.getandstaycompliant.com.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the importance of PCI compliance and staying vigilant in an online marketplace, or more information about RCOR educational events, please don’t hesitate to reach out to RCOR CEO, Tim Richter to arrange an interview.

Timothy Richter, CEO – RCOR Technologies
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In today’s technology-driven business market, business IT infrastructure must be designed to keep up with evolving customer demands and increasing market competition. When businesses choose to work with RCOR Technologies, they’re able to rest assured knowing they will stay ahead of the competition with around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions, reliable email filtering, web hosting and more. RCOR is committed to serving as a valued business partner with all clients that offers IT solutions to propel business missions forward.