Ever wonder about the cyber-attacks that aren’t reported on the nightly news?

Yes, we all hear about the big, high-profile data breaches… But what about all the small to mid-size businesses that are targeted every year?

You don’t hear much about that – but it happens…a lot. According to statistics…

87% of businesses are the target of cybercrime every year.

Now, does that mean that 87% of businesses lose valuable data each year? Of course not.

What’s the difference between the business that fends off a cyber attack, and the ones that lose their data and are forced to shut down their business?

A partnership with cyber-security professionals makes the difference!

Are you protected against advanced cyber-crime threats? Let the RCOR Technologies cyber-security team help! We’ll fortify your IT environment and enable you to stay safe.

How? We use up-to-date cyber-security strategies that meet – and most times exceed – industry standard. We go to this extent because…

Your business is important and deserves cutting-edge cyber security.

You can’t afford to settle for a simple firewall, anti-virus software, and spam filtering. Proper cyber security goes above and beyond these tools. Our team of cyber security experts will ensure that your sensitive information remains safe.

Protect Your Important Business Data with RCOR Techonologies. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to face the worst –and win!

Protect your good reputation, client relationships, and profitability. Contact the RCOR Technologies cyber security experts. (919) 313-9355 or tim@rcor.com