Hackers Are Targeting Your Network Right Now! Prepare for the Worst & Protect Against Advanced Threats.

Are you preparing for the worst and doing everything possible to protect against advanced threats? Hackers are targeting your network right now – they don’t care what type of data you’re storing or how large your company is, they simply want to wreak havoc and take whatever sensitive information they can.

  • Do you have up-to-date anti-virus software and managed firewalls in place?
  • Are you training your employees on proper cyber security best practices?
  • Is your network monitored around-the-clock to prevent attacks?
  • Have you undergone a complete security assessment to find vulnerabilities?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you’re leaving your company open to attack. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report:

  • 79% of victims of cyber attack were targets of opportunities
  • 97% of breaches were avoidable through simple controls
  • 85% of breaches took weeks or more to discover

Cybercrime is rapidly evolving – affecting businesses like yours each and every day. You can’t afford to settle for a simple firewall, anti-virus software, and spam filtering. Proper cyber security goes above and beyond these tools – making sure you’re prepared for the worst.

RCOR Technologies offers cyber security services designed to keep your company safe against threats of all types. Call (919) 313-9355 or send us an email: tim@rcor.com to learn more.

Our team of cyber security experts will ensure your sensitive information remains safe – maintaining your good reputation, client relationships, and of course, profitability. We’ll:

  • Provide the most effective cyber-security solutions that protect your systems and data.
  • Offer guidance and training for your employees so they better understand threats and the steps taken to minimize risk.
  • Take immediate action whenever threats occur – making sure damage cannot be done.

You need an IT services company that works hard to protect your livelihood. Contact RCOR Technologies at (919) 313-9355 or send us an email at tim@rcor.com.