When it comes to your business’ IT security, your employees need to be a key part of your security measures. If they are not, they are likely your business’ biggest security flaw. The first step towards making your staff a security asset is to ensure that your team has been trained effectively, and has a solid understanding of the tools you’ve given them access to. You also need to have guidelines in place to manage usage of Internet and email resources on company time.

Most businesses assume that their staff is technologically competent all on their own, but this is rarely the case. New threats are emerging every day, and the reality is that most end users can’t tell the difference between a fake software update and a legitimate one. They have no idea if they should click to apply an update or ignore it, and more often than not will just assume that because their computer is asking them to click ‘Okay’ or ‘Install’, it’s what they should do. Simply put, by leaving your employees to their own devices, you are leaving your business open to disastrous results.

A once a year training session is just not enough. Education needs to be ongoing to ensure that your staff is aware of the latest threats. It’s also important to address Standard Operating Procedures; guidelines for employees to practice safe browsing and general computer use in a secure fashion. If you do not set guidelines for your employees, you run the risk of them visiting any website they choose, and downloading malicious files onto their systems. Not only can this non-work required browsing waste valuable company time, but it has the potential to result in a major security risk.

Most business owners and managers will gladly tell their IT provider that their employees never visit websites unrelated to their work activities, and all of those owners and managers would be wrong. The browser history of even the most trusted employee for any given week will show hours of time wasted on social media or entertainment sites. This is why it’s so important to implement and enforce guidelines, and meet with employees routinely to reinforce why these guidelines are so crucial to the security of your business.

Effective IT security is a team effort. By taking the time to make sure that your employees have the information they need to make smart computing choices, you can greatly reduce the risks to your business.

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