The upcoming PCI Compliance webinar will encourage and empower business professionals to get on top of payment card compliance.

Any company that processes even the occasional debit or credit card transaction has at least a passing familiarity with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For most small businesses, PCI compliance is not a top priority. On the surface, its policies seem geared towards businesses that process a much higher volume of transactions and store significantly more sensitive data than necessary cardholder information.

However, compliance with the PCI DSS is often a much more critical consideration that must be made by ANY business that processes payment card transactions. The safeguards that need to be in place to make a business PCI compliant are there to help protect business owners in the event of a data breach, as well as minimize the risk of a breach altogether. After all, PCI compliance is just as much about protecting business continuity as it is about protecting the privacy of clients. Though developing a compliance strategy can seem overwhelming, getting started is as easy as asking an expert for strategic guidance.

That’s why Tim Richter, CEO of Raleigh’s RCOR Technologies has decided to host a FREE PCI compliance webinar to help business owners get on top of compliance and security strategies. Tim Richter is a compliance expert and will walk participants through the various ways PCI compliance can drive efficiency and protect business continuity. Richter will provide compliance strategies to help business owners:

  • Reliably and securely protect confidential client information
  • Avoid fines, loss of business, and reputational damage that result from a data breach
  • Implement the right hardware and software to optimize transaction processes
  • Find a cost-effective solution, customized to suit business needs
  • Improve overall security, organization, and productivity efforts

The team at RCOR Technologies is committed to helping business owners leverage technology to meet compliance standards better. PCI compliance isn’t designed to make the lives of business owners more difficult; in fact, its central purpose is to help businesses perform necessary actions in a more effective and intelligent manner, all while protecting client and business data from a variety of security threats.

RCOR’s PCI compliance webinar will be held Tuesday, February 28th at 2:00 pm. Seats are filling up fast, and so interested professionals are encouraged to reserve their space ASAP! Full registration details can be found at

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about this can’t-miss webinar or more information about how business owners can make PCI compliance work in their favor, please don’t hesitate to contact RCOR CEO, Tim Richter for more details.

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