In Light of Snowden Premiere Raleigh IT Provider Offering Free Tickets to Anyone Who Books a Security Consultation Before September 30th!

RALEIGH, NC – September 15th 2016 – With cyber-criminals AND government surveillance getting more sophisticated and sinister, it is more an important than ever for business-owners to ensure that reliable and secure mechanisms of data protection are in place. Individuals who attempt to illegally access a business data system have one goal: to rob organizations of as much confidential information as possible in order to hurt the financial health of the organization or obtain secrets not otherwise accessible without breaching measures of confidentiality.

The convenience of modern-technology is unparalleled, however, without an informed security plan, the vulnerabilities associated with modern forms of business data storage and sharing are staggering. Without encrypting business data and communication channels, anyone on the internet with the right tools and know-how can intercept business communications in cyberspace and access supposedly private information. They can then save the data and use and sell it how they wish. This can have incredibly detrimental effects on a business including: loss of revenue, hostility in the marketplace, demolished pride and a diminished overall reputation.

One of Raleigh/Durham’s top cyber-security professional teams, RCOR Technologies, can help mitigate this risk by offering strategic guidance and implementing data encryption software applications that are easy to use. These tools ensure that any communications stored or sent from a business office will only be read by the intended, receiving party. In fact, the team at RCOR cares so much about local businesses making this a priority, they’re giving out free tickets to a showing of Snowden which opens in theatres Friday September 16. If business-owners book an data security consultation prior to September 30th 2016, RCOR will give you two free passes to catch a the film.

RCOR CEO, Timothy Richter claims the Snowden premiere is a great way of reminding business-owners that data security is critically important. “Like him or not, Snowden made us all aware that Big Brother is watching and that data security should never be taken for granted.” Richter claims. “We want to use this timely event to drive the point home: businesses need to proactively and continually be vigilant in the fight against cyber criminals and over-zealous government surveillance.”

Businesses and individuals who book a data security consultation with Timothy and the RCOR team by September 30th will be given two free tickets the Snowden in the Raleigh/Durham area. Full details for registering for the consultation can be found here: 

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the critical importance of cyber-security and how RCOR can help, please don’t hesitate to contact Timothy Richter to arrange an interview. A quick discussion about cyber-security with Tim can help keep your audience informed and vigilant against cybercrime and internet surveillance.

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In today’s technology-driven business market, business IT infrastructure must be designed to keep up with evolving customer demands and increasing market competition. When businesses choose to work with RCOR Technologies, they’re able to rest assured knowing they will stay ahead of the competition with: around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions, reliable email filtering, web hosting and more. RCOR is committed to serving as a valued business partner with all clients that offers IT solutions to propel business missions forward.

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