Google Chrome BrowserGoogle continues to support Chrome on Windows XP despite Windows’ end os support to the XP OS to aid PC users in migrating to a newer version of Windows OS

It has been more than a decade and Windows has finally cut-off support for Windows XP last April 8, 2014. It will no longer receive security patches nor updates just like other technologies whose plug has been pulled. Windows have suggested that XP users should migrate to the latest version of Windows but people seem to cling on to their beloved XP operating system though they knew there is a huge risk from malware attacks and phishing. Windows mentioned that migrating to a more modern operating system will benefit customers dramatically with its enhanced security and increased user-productive functionality.

But Google said that they will support Chrome for Windows XP up to April 2015. Isn’t that a relief for Windows XP users? But try not to be too comfortable about the idea. The reason why they have extended their support is because they admit that millions of users still depend on XP including a good lot of Chrome users. In one way or another, this might cause delay to some companies in migrating to a newer Windows version because they may think they are still fully protected by Chrome and may rely on that fact.

TechRepublic admitted that most of their members still use Windows XP even if Windows does not support it any longer. Their reason is because there is still a web browser that currently updates and protects them compared to the obsolete Internet Explorer for XP. It sounds fine actually. Though crazy as it may seem, they think it is a good way for Chrome to boost its market since they let more customers trust Chrome in XP. It is one of Google’s goal to create a safe internet experience and that includes upgrading and fixing problems. Having to choose an alternative to an unsupported Windows Internet Explorer, there will definitely be stubborn individuals who would stay in the old OS like a lamb waiting for its predator.

According to Mark Larson, a Google Chrome executive, many institutions and companies have a hard time migrating to a newer Windows OS. Most of their applications still run on the Windows XP operating system.  In order to help loads of consumers through this transition, they aimed to support Chrome for XP in the process. Chrome will continue providing updates and security patches since malware infects computers through holes in unpatched browsers. This will provide XP operating system users some ample time to migrate to a newer version of Windows.

Google also suggested that IT professionals may use the Legacy Browser Support if they still use web applications created for older browsers. They may set Chrome as their main browser to limit selected unsupported web applications. Internet Explorer 9 and the earlier versions are unsupported by Microsoft except for Internet Explorer 8. It is best to choose a web browser that is continually being supported compared to that of a browser only receiving security patches than featured updates. In the end of the line, you still need to migrate since support for Chrome for XP will also end sooner or later. Technology always evolve. It is best to keep up with it.

Are you still running Windows XP in your business?  Even though Google is supporting their Chrome browser on Windows XP, it doesn’t mean your business should be running Windows XP.  If you are, we need to talk.  Give us a call or drop us an email immediately.