It Only Takes One Storm to Change Your Business Forever.

The 2017 Hurricane Season Is Officially Here. Is Your Business Ready?

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Are you ready for the next named storm to take a run up the Atlantic, cut across, and strike a direct blow right here in Raleigh?

How many of you remember Hurricane Fran? Sure, her name isn’t as famous as Katrina or Sandy, or perhaps even Matthew. But for many people in Raleigh/Durham, we certainly remember what Hurricane Fran did to our city some 20 years ago.

After the storm, 1.3 million were left without power, 6 people died as a result of the storm, and over 90% of the buildings were damaged.

Want to Know How to Protect Your Raleigh/Durham Business from The Next Hurricane?

RCOR Technologies is offering a Complimentary Hurricane Preparedness Checklist. This checklist is perfect for the small business owner who doesn’t know exactly what to do. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your business and technology before the next major storm strikes our area.

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If you need a Hurricane Preparation Specialist to pay a visit to make sure your data is properly backed up, power-protection systems are in place, and that you have a solid business continuity strategy—we can arrange this.

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