If you’re in the Raleigh or Greensborough NC areas, we are near you and can indeed handle all computer network issues you may run into. Our computer consulting services are designed to be fully accessible, scalable, and adaptable to any business model, type, industry, and core objectives.

What kind of computer support can you provide my company?

We give you the responsive computer support you’ll need to prevent malware and viruses and stop any network intrusion threat or attempted breach in its tracks. The truth is, we take PC support to its most extreme and “serviceable” definition.

This is good news for all companies doing computer-networked business in the 21st Century, of course – but it’s especially good news for those business organizations who need the extra coverage that keeps them in HIPAA compliance, for example, and with full assurance that cyber attacks won’t get past the formidable network security fortress we can provide.

Can your computer tech support cover things like data recovery and backup?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t be much of a computer consulting company in Raleigh if we weren’t able to provide the kind enterprise-level data backup and recovery that can keep the most data-challenged big networks free of data loss or costly data center downtime, would we?

Do you also do traditional computer repair as part of your business IT support?

We do one better than that – we create the kinds of IT network conditions that preclude you having to ask someone to “Fix my computer” in the first place! Our threat- and downtime-preventative IT strategies cover you with the necessary technology upgrades, rollouts, and configurations that put a stop to risky cyber and network scenarios (both human and machine-caused) that invite hacking, viruses, ransomware, etc.

Could you be characterized as an “all-in-one” computer service?

You bet! Our technology consulting, managed IT services, and small business IT support all come under a larger umbrella of IT consulting services Raleigh and Greensborough companies look to for the proper guidance and maintenance to allow them to weather any IT anomalies or adversities.

How do I get started with your computer consulting and IT services?

It’s easy! Just give one of our friendly RCOR IT consultants a call at (919) 313-9355 or contact us by email at tim@rcor.com for more information on how a higher level of computer consulting services can be yours!