More and more, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their networks. Networks are now a strategic asset for companies and high-performances services are core to their business strategy. Businesses must be able to quickly share data internally, distribute data externally and collaborate on a global scale. Flexibility and scalability are key as companies move to the cloud, mobile access and web access. At RCOR Technologies in Raleigh, NC, not only to clients get top quality IT services, but help and solutions on how to use technology to increase business productivity and profitability.

IT Services in Raleigh

Broad Industry Experience

RCOR Technologies has a broad range of experience in different industries, including healthcare, financial, legal and non-profit. Their team of healthcare IT experts work closely with healthcare organizations to streamline operations while maintaining HIPAA compliance. They monitor the system 24/7, safeguard the network, backup data and proved secure data access solutions. For financial organizations, maintaining compliance with regulations and securing customer financial are key to operations. The experts at RCOR Technologies design a disaster recovery plan for data, safeguard the network against emerging threats and protect customer financial data with encryption. In the legal arena, the technicians at RCOR streamline the business process while securing sensitive client data. Experience is just one reason to hire RCOR Technologies for your IT needs.

Full-Service Assurance Plan

RCOR Technologies offers a full-service assurance plan to keep your technology running at its maximum to ensure productivity and profitability. This plan mitigates risk by offering:

  • Monitoring the IT system 24/7 to prevent, detect and resolve IT issues to avoid downtime
  • Network protection from spam, viruses and malware
  • Backed up and recoverable data
  • Access to a team of IT support professionals to answer questions and address concerns
  • Monthly performance reports regarding system updates and performance of your IT infrastructure.

All around, RCOR Technologies assurance plan gives clients peace of mind knowing that IT experts are constantly looking out for their best interests. The folks at RCOR recognize the importance of keeping your network full operating without any breaches.

The Right Cloud Solution

Migrate to the cloud easily and securely with RCOR Technologies right cloud solution. RCOR Technologies provides the right cloud solution for companies of all sizes. We provide innovative solutions that save time and money. Our cloud technicians will evaluate the IT systems you already use and devise a cloud solution that meets your needs. We help companies benefit from the cloud and ensure easy accessibility for staff member, scalability to grow and evolve and security for data. Plus, we offer solutions that allow you to customize what business technology you use for affordability. Take advantage of our cloud solutions for private applications on the cloud, cloud-based storage, cloud-based web hosting, cloud-based internet security and more.


Today, businesses need an IT service company that works hard to protect the business from cyberattacks and cybercriminals. RCOR Technologies provides the most advanced and effective cybersecurity solutions to protect data and network systems. We take immediate actions when a cyber threat occurs. Plus, we offer employee training to help minimize the risk.

ROCR Technologies is the trusted choice for IT network services in Raleigh and surrounding areas. Contact us at 919-313-9355 or email us at for more information.