While technology is fundamental to the success of your law firm, it’s critical to work with an experienced IT support company that specializes in addressing your unique needs. RCOR Technologies specializes in providing IT services and support for law firms throughout Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC. To learn more, give us a call at (919) 313-9355 or send us an email at tim@rcor.com.

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In today’s technology-driven business world, your law firm must leverage innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition and better serve your clients. And while you’re storing and transferring sensitive client data on a daily basis, it’s absolutely critical to ensure optimal security. If your sensitive client data is lost or stolen, your law firm will face significant consequences in terms of legal liabilities, reputational damage, and loss of client confidence.

Don’t Put the Survival of Your Law Firm at Risk – RCOR Technologies Goes Above and Beyond to Ensure the Reliability & Security of Your Entire IT Infrastructure!

Your technology has the potential to drastically impact the way your law firm operates – from improving productivity and efficiency to streamlining business processes for improved client service. And our team of legal IT experts ensures your law firm truly realizes the benefits of technology.

When you choose to work with RCOR Technologies, you’re able to rest assured knowing we’ll:

  • Monitor and maintain your IT systems to prevent, detect, and resolve issues around-the-clock.
  • Backup your data onsite and offsite to ensure complete data recovery in the event of a natural disaster or human error.
  • Provide a secure data access solution to enable your staff to access important files from any device or location.
  • Offer remote & onsite support whenever necessary to address all of your IT-related questions, concerns, or issues.
  • Protect your network with managed anti-virus & firewalls to combat malware, viruses, spam, and various emerging threats.

Plus, we offer fixed monthly fees to help you budget accurately and make the most of your IT investment.

Looking for an IT support company to ensure the security & reliability of your IT infrastructure? Look no further than RCOR Technologies – We’re the trusted IT support company for law firms throughout Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and Greensboro, NC.