Today’s Non-profit Organizations are adopting innovative technologies.

IT support for non profits

Why? They want to improve service delivery, enhance fundraising methods, and expand their outreach tactics.

And we’re the team that helps them do it!

From transforming the way supporters engage with your organization to improving the way you communicate your mission, we’ve got the background to elevate your efforts.

Don’t you want to streamline business processes and deliver more effective services?

Sure you do! And we can help you meet and exceed those goals. Why is the RCOR Technologies team so invested in helping Non-profit Organizations pursue their mission?

It’s just this simple.

We care about people – and we know you do too!

Our team of Non-profit  IT Support experts will help you move the ball closer to the goal.

What does your team need? Tell us, and we’ll show you how to achieve it more efficiently by utilizing innovative technology.

Do you want to enable your staff and volunteers to collaborate in the field?

Looking to expand your donor base while keeping their confidential information safe? Wanting to expand your horizons and begin to scale your efforts? We’ll show you how technology can support your heroic efforts. Even better…

We offer an easily budgeted, full-service package at a fixed monthly cost.

What does that mean for your organization?

Never again will you have to deal with break/fix contractors and their unexpected, high repair bills! And…

A professional technology support team on your side 24/7.

What could be better!

Let’s get started.Contact us at (919) 313-9355 or