For many business owners, the quest to have the best IT service and management possible working for them is a source of stress and uncertainty. Network administrators and executives may go through many different service providers or in-house hires to get done what they need regarding IT management and support. We’re glad to say that with RCOR providing both onsite and remote IT support in Raleigh, any negative emotions you may have felt about your network support will likely become a thing of the past.

Providing those two types of IT support services is just one of the ways we cover all sides and facets of business-supportive IT management. You no longer need to experience any worry or stress over the question of having either remote or onsite IT support. With RCOR, they’re both easily handled (where needed) within our agile and affordable managed IT services platform.

Remote vs. Onsite IT Support

There is a very “either/or” mentality in regards to these two types of network support in the business world. Individual companies, for whatever reasons, will prefer one over the other. It’s natural that company directors will want the assurance of having on-site support, as opposed to remote, if only for the immediate peace of mind of having an in-house team able to tackle IT adversities in person.

Other companies will see the wisdom in having not one or the other, but both types of business IT support working for them. The modern viewpoint is that some things can be remedied by in-house staff, while others tend to be the specialties of remote or outsourced IT experts (vCIOs).

Another source of near-constant worry and stress for busy executives and network administrators is cost. With budgets stretched to their limits and companies downsizing and continuing to adjust to an unpredictable and struggling economy, many business owners view the hiring of remote IT support or managed service providers (MSPs) as being, for some reason, an unfeasible expenditure.

Well, you can rest easy in the assurance that with RCOR you’re not going to experience any unreasonable costs or hidden fees. We can give you the best of all computer support situations – with onsite computer support that provides you:

  • Computer installation and troubleshooting
  • Network firewalls & remote VPN services
  • Collaborative systems & email solutions
  • Network design and implementation
  • Temporary staff augmentation
  • Site relocation

As well as remote IT support that provides the following:

  • Emergency troubleshooting to resolve issues immediately.
  • Access to our help desk call center to address questions and concerns.
  • Webinar training to help you hold successful meetings and webinars online.
  • A network security assessment to determine and resolve vulnerabilities in your network.
  • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan to protect your IT systems and data.
  • Application customization & development to develop and maintain custom applications.

So, what type of IT support situation do you desire? One that has all contingencies covered, or one of ongoing stress and uncertainty?

For the kind of Raleigh IT support you can truly excel and experience peace of mind with, contact an RCOR representative today at (919) 313-9355 or email us at for more details on how to get started!