Our prospective clients like to ask us many questions about our qualifications, credentials, etc. (naturally). A common one is, “What makes you a leading IT support provider, among other Raleigh IT support firms?” Another is, “Can you really provide end-to-end coverage of my IT network and prevent any security anomalies or vulnerabilities?” We answer these questions with confident, affirmative responses that run-down for them our various credentials, qualifications, and methods that provide our clients the technological and communications assurance that keeps them clear of serious threats to their functionality, solvency, and prosperity.

We Want to Be Your IT Support Team of Choice

For those of you just tuning into our website and who we are – we want you to get acquainted with us as much as we want to know who you are and what you do. Because to us, good IT support begins and ends with full comprehension of the client and their operational needs, objectives, and requirements. This goes beyond new technology rollouts or assessments – it goes to the heart of what you do and why you’re doing it in the first place. In short, it’s your passion – and ensuring it’s able to express itself through the various channels of optimized business operations networking.

Our risk-mitigating network-optimizing support platform includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your IT systems to prevent, detect, and resolve all minor and major IT issues before disruption or downtime occurs.
  • Protection of your business-critical IT systems and data against malware, viruses, and spam and other emerging threats with embedded cybersecurity tools.
  • Both remote support services and onsite IT support for the widest coverage possible.
  • Successful backup and recovery of your data in the event of data compromise resulting from a human error or natural disaster.
  • Ensuring you and your staff have access to our team of IT support professionals, who will answer all of your questions in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Receiving monthly performance reports to help you stay up-to-date regarding the performance of your IT infrastructure.
  • Customized technology plans for small and mid-size companies across all industries.

Get the IT Support You Deserve Now

We want you to have the IT support your enterprise deserves! Contact an RCOR Technologies representative at 919.313.9355, or email RCOR founder Tim Richter at tim@rcor.com for a personalized, one-on-one IT consultation that can determine exactly the IT services you’ll require.