We all get spam in our inbox from time to time. An unwanted sales offer, a newsletter from a website you visited once or twice, etc. The list goes on. While those kinds of emails are certainly unwanted, they’re not really worth worrying about. By simply sorting them into your spam folder, you can make sure they don’t clutter up your inbox again.

With malware, it’s not so simple.

Everyone knows that Nigerian prince-style messages riddled with impossible promises and broken English are obviously scams, but not all attempts to infect your computer with malware are that blatant. Hackers that use emails as a way into your IT system have become more sophisticated and subtle with their craft in recent years.

Not only do their messages feature flawless grammar, but often they’ll cloud your judgment by putting you on the defensive and posing as an authority you trust, possibly the local police claiming you owe an unpaid parking ticket or the IRS seeking back taxes.

Not convinced? Consider these numbers:

  • There was a 600%+ increase in attachment-based vs. URL delivered malware attacks from mid-2014 to 2015 (Proofpoint, 2015)
  • As of this year, 390,000 malicious programs are registered every day by the AV-Test Institute (AV-TEST, 2016)

The consequences of a malware infection can be devastating, especially if data loss is involved, as it’ll cost you an average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss due to the potential for class-action lawsuits and regulatory fines. $150 may not sound like much, but consider the fact that thousands of files are compromised in the average attack, so you’re really looking at taking a six or seven-figure hit to deal with even a single incident.

Email filtering should be one of the tools you use to make up for what your AV software may be missing. All it takes is clicking on the wrong link or opening the wrong attachment to infect your network. Once infected, malware can lead to downtime that takes away the tools your workers need to work, or, worse yet, you could lose other people’s sensitive information and then get hit with a class-action lawsuit.

The question is, will you wait until after you get hit with malware to start taking email security seriously? Or will you take the proactive approach and find the right email filtering solution today?

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