It’s perhaps the best reason to have a managed service provider (MSP) working on your behalf and that of your IT performance – increased profitability. The statistics on how MSPs can boost the bottom line of enterprises is copious and clear, and further underscores the great need for and benefit to SMBs to have managed IT solutions in Raleigh NC working for them.

How Managed IT Services Benefit You

Leading IT research companies like Gartner, Kaseya, and CompTIA have all conducted recent studies which have demonstrated the clear need for businesses to have effective managed IT services in place. A recent Kaseya study shows that less than 15% of their respondents feel that they are “at the highest levels of IT maturity,” i.e. they are operating at the Proactive or Strategic/Aligned levels of IT performance. 44% or so report themselves to be at the lower two rungs of the IT ladder, or Reactive and Efficient levels. Managed IT solutions in Raleigh NC (or anywhere within the reaches of your network) will assure much higher levels of IT performance, will be predictable, cost-effective, and cover more IT services than intermittent services do.

According to an unnamed MSP expert, “the rate of consumption of MSP services by SMBs is expected to grow annually by over 35% year over year through 2020,” which is proof in action of the great need for managed IT support for small and medium-sized businesses. “More and more SMBs are outsourcing more and more services,” says the Kaseya report, adding, “Strategic/Aligned IT groups leverage PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS solutions, as well as externally hosted private clouds, 50 percent more frequently than Reactive IT groups.”

Outsourced IT Services Deliver Big ROI

The Kaseya “IT Complete Playbook” goes on to show that those SMBs and other companies at the highest levels of IT maturity are, on average, spending 20% more on IT outsourcing than their counterparts. Those companies also routinely enjoy better security, productivity, and profitability as a result. It’s also important to know just how to calculate the ROI on your managed IT services investment. This incentivizes taking the step for most of those who can do the proper accounting.

Get Raleigh NC Managed IT Solutions Now

Making the investment now, as opposed to waiting in a “reactive” state for the squeaky IT wheels to act up, will likely aid your business operations and bottom line to a surprising degree. Talk to a helpful RCOR Technologies agent at (919) 313-9355 or by secure contact form and we will be more than happy to assist you.