It’s Time To Stop Waiting!

If you’re anything like your peers, chances are there are at least a few things you’ve put off or avoided doing because you just haven’t wanted to deal with them. If that’s the case, PCI compliance is likely somewhere on that list of I’ll-get-to-it-later items.

I can see why you haven’t given it much thought before now. Bringing your payment system up to compliance standards can be expensive. And when you’re only using your current system occasionally, it seems to make even less sense to worry about compliance.

But the thing about financial data? It’s all valuable. Your handful of monthly debit or credit card transactions might not seem like much but to a hacker? You’re a quick and easy payday. With minimal effort on their part, they can help themselves to unsecured financial data, and make a tidy little profit for themselves.

Wanting to protect yourself from theft and fines is reason enough to want to make your business PCI compliant. But honestly? You should be more focused on what you have to gain than what you might lose. Those changes and upgrades you’ll need to make to become compliant have the bonus of:

  • Changing the way you process transactions
  • Limiting the amount of sensitive data you have to manage and store
  • Improving your overall level of security, organization, and productivity

PCI compliance is about more that meeting guidelines and jumping through hoops. It’s a chance to make your business better.

I’d love the opportunity to help your business find out exactly how you could benefit from becoming PCI compliant. In fact, it’s my goal to help as many businesses as possible find their answer to the question “Why should I bother with PCI compliance?”. 

To make that happen, RCOR Technologies is offering a complete PCI compliance review of all systems and structured documentation for continual compliance for only $1395. That’s $500 off of our regular $1895 fee!

This fantastic offer is only available for the month of February, so if you’d like to take advantage, get in touch with me at or (919) 313-9355 right now!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I can’t wait to get started on your evaluation.


Tim Richter