About Your Raleigh-Durham IT Services Company

Raleigh IT Support ProfessionalTim Richter started RCOR in 1998. It began by Tim teaching evening classes while he was working for a Network Integration Company, and he slowly began to build his business to what it is today.

We at RCOR, focus on the understanding that technology is not an addition to your company, but it is a foundation. Our priority here at RCOR, is to make sure that foundation stays strong, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business and produce an exceptional whole.

Our motivation comes from the need to resolve problems; we want your IT problems solved before they even happen, allowing your business to avoid downtime and to keep pushing forward. We also believe your IT issues should be fixed fast, right the first time, and also be explained in a way you understand by the technician fixing the problem. At RCOR, we pride ourselves on always showing up on time, and never making promises we cannot keep. The quality of our services and customer success come first at RCOR.

Our Vision

Our vision at RCOR is to have customers who not only appreciate technology, but also want to be our partners and utilize us in their decision-making processes. Our ideal customer would have 7 to 100 computers, and at least 1-2 file servers. At RCOR, we wish to share the same appreciation for technology as a foundation with our clients.

Our Raleigh-Durham IT Services

RCOR is a full service company. We work as a single point of contact, if you have problems with your phones or internet; we call the companies and deal with it for you. Our ideal clients don’t want to spend time working with multiple vendors and that’s where we come in. You focus on building your business, and we work the IT area for you. We offer our RCOR Assurance Plan which is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for IT services.  We do have hourly clients, but most want the proactive assurance that their computers and network will always be there when they need it.