Sometimes we can’t be quite sure we’re getting exactly what’s contracted for in the business world. If you are currently the recipient of Raleigh IT services, but aren’t quite sure that they are performing as promised, below are 5 signs that they are up to speed (or, conversely, proof that you’re indeed not getting what’s promised):

  1. The lines of communication are clear and open. You know you’ve got the right IT support company if they reply quickly with clear, coherent answers to any of your inquiries (preferably via 24/7 help desk). A company that talks around the issue, or fails to be timely and responsive isn’t worth your time or money.
  2. There are no hidden fees or costs involved. Your IT services firm shouldn’t gouge you with hidden fees for every conceivable interaction with them. They will clearly spell out all fees or costs involved, and even better, with managed IT services, you get a set, flat monthly fee for ongoing services, which makes the process predictable, budget-wise.
  3. There’s no part of your IT network they can’t handle. You know your Raleigh IT services are on point if there’s no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to tackling any aspect of your computer network, including cloud services, mobile device management, outsourced CIO (vCIO), phone and VoIP services, data backup and recovery, business continuity planning, cyber and IT security, or IT projects of any kind.
  4. They perform as promised, within the agreed-upon timeline and budget. If your IT services company in Raleigh is any good, they will perform their duties as laid out in the contract, point by point, and they will do it in the timeline they are contracted for. They will deliver on services (as agreed to) as well, with no excuses, no “gee, we’re sorry about that,” and no bull of any kind. You get what you signed them up for, period.
  5. They understand your business model, operations, and objectives comprehensively. No IT company in Raleigh that’s worth their name will simply breeze in and dictate to you what you need done without first consulting with you and your in-house IT department or other executives to learn your core business objectives and how you operate, and what’s required to be fully functional as an enterprise. RCOR Technologies delivers on all the above points and more.

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