Local IT Company Educates businesses on growing malicious software threats and protective strategies

RALEIGH, NC – July 25th 2016 – RCOR Technologies will be hosting a webinar for local businesses this Wednesday July 27th 2016. The topic is ransomware, an especially problematic and increasingly common viral threat. Unlike more traditional forms of malware, when ransomware infects a system it doesn’t just corrupt the data it comes across. Ransomware encrypts your files, rendering them completely inaccessible, then demands payment in exchange for the return of your data. Not only can the fee be exorbitantly high, but protecting against these threats is becoming increasingly difficult. These criminals are constantly evolving, tweaking their viruses to slip through even sophisticated and well-maintained firewalls and anti-virus software.

This 45 minute webinar, presented by RCOR Technologies founder Tim Richter, will outline the risks ransomware poses to businesses of all types, how best to protect against this malware threat, and what types of contingencies can be put in place to minimize the impact of a ransomware infection on your business. For more information on this not-to-be-missed webinar visit www.stopransomwarenow.com.

RCOR Technologies is dedicated to providing fast, continuous and reliable services to all of its clients. Their goal is to not only ensure that your systems and networks are running efficiently and without issue at all times, but to work directly with clients to ensure they are aware of and well educated in all the latest IT advancements. A true and valued partnership between IT provider and client is the most effective way to keep on top of problems before they ever arise.

RCOR Technologies CEO, Tim Richter is incredibly proud of the entire team for their continual commitment to keeping business owners informed and vigilant against cyber threats. Richter and the entire RCOR team is excited about hosting these informative webinars consistently moving forward.  

To connect your business-minded audience with more information about RCOR Technologies and their commitment to keeping local business-owners educated and informed please get in touch with RCOR Timothy Richter. A quick interview with Timothy can connect your audience with the information they need to attend and benefit from these educational webinars.

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In today’s technology-driven business market, business IT infrastructure must be designed to keep up with evolving customer demands and increasing market competition. When businesses choose to work with RCOR Technologies, they’re able to rest assured knowing they will stay ahead of the competition with: around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solutions, reliable email filtering, web hosting and more. RCOR is committed to serving as a valued business partner with all clients that offers IT solutions to propel business missions forward.

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