The short answer is – all of them! In 2017, all businesses who do any kind of work on computers connected to the web, and especially with a small business IT network, need to have reliable IT support from a managed services provider (MSP), period. Doing just that is a big part of our IT consulting in Raleigh – though it’s not all.

How will I know your IT consulting will benefit my business?

You will know, and have it demonstrated to you, as a computer-networked business in the 21st Century, that RCOR can provide the wider IT services coverage that keeps you FINRA and HIPAA compliant, for example; fully assured as you’ll be that we will prevent cyber attacks from getting past the formidable network and cyber security fortress we will build for you!

This is so because we give all our valued clients the responsive remote support they require to prevent things like malware and viruses and stop any network intrusion threat or attempted breach in its tracks. The truth is, we take IT support seriously, and have built our reputation on endeavoring to be the best IT consultants in Raleigh.

Can your IT consulting firm provide the ultimate in data recovery and backup technology?

Absolutely! Rest assured that we can provide any company of any size or industry cutting-edge data backup and recovery using the most advanced cloud-based BDR technology, keeping the most data-challenged networks free of data loss or costly data center downtime.

Would you say you can also provide “all-inclusive” managed IT services?

We sure can – and regularly do! You get our industry-leading technology consulting, enterprise-level managed IT services, and rapid-response small business IT support all as part of our companies look to for the proper guidance and maintenance to allow them to weather any IT anomalies or adversities.

What is your IT consulting service area in North Carolina?

We supply many companies in the Greensborough and Raleigh NC areas with the needed support to alleviate any IT network issues you may run into. Our IT consulting services are designed to be fully scalable, affordable, and adaptable to any business model, type, industry, and core objectives.

Sounds awesome! When can I start receiving your IT consulting services?

As soon as we hear from you! Just give one of our friendly RCOR IT consultants a call at (919) 313-9355 or contact us by email at for more information on how the “ultimate” IT consulting services in Raleigh and Greensborough NC are waiting for you!