It’s not just businesses that have become increasingly aware in recent years of the risks of data theft. Consumers are as wary of having their financial information stolen by cyber criminals as businesses are of having that same data taken from them. The only difference between you and your customers? Your customers expect you to protect them.

Well, at least some of them do. A recent global survey found that as few as 29% of consumers believe that businesses can actually be trusted to keep their data safe, and of those who were affected by a breach, 27% placed full blame on the company at the center of the breach. Finally, 66% of the more than 9,000 individuals surveyed stated that they would never work with a business that had been the victim of a data breach in the past.

However reluctantly, your customers are trusting you to protect their personal and financial data. Keeping that trust will require taking every available precaution, and making sure your business is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. And because seeing is believing, you should be making an effort to show your customers that you’re making changes to serve them better.

Updated payment terminals with the latest security features, two-factor authentication, and encryption software all show your clients that you’re taking their concerns seriously, and are actively working to minimize risks. This applies to both your physical location and your e-commerce website.

Whether it’s upgrading your technology, making improvements to your network and system security, or changing the way you process and store customer credit and debit card data, every step you take towards better security is a move in the right direction. Get in touch with your IT support provider to discuss the options available to your business, and learn more about what’s required to make your business PCI compliant.

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