Edward Snowden Tells Us “Big Brother Is Watching You”

Forget About Snowden. Cyber Criminals Are Watching Your Emails… Attempting To Rob Your Organization Of Confidential Information… And Trying To Hurt The Financial Health Of Your Organization, Your Trade Secrets, and Patient/Customer Information… You Must Protect It.


My name is Tim Richter and I’m about to shock you.

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how many companies, organizations, associations and small businesses are not taking steps to make sure their emails are protected from cybercrime… and how their entire world comes crashing down because of it.

Email is the number one used communication tool in business today. I’m sure you’d rather send an email versus picking up the telephone to give someone your credit card information, send a confidential document, or make travel arrangements.

But did you know, that unless encrypted… your email can be read by anyone on the Internet?

That’s right… with the right tools ANYONE can intercept an email in cyberspace and read the contents of your message.

Have you ever sent personal details in your email like credit card numbers?

Cybercriminals are on the ball and they have sophisticated software that constantly watches for this information. It’ll send them a notification and then automatically grab your information and save it in their database.

What can this do to your business? Well, first… a lot of damage. Loss of revenue. Impact on your reputation in the marketplace… and it will demolish your pride.

But I can help you.

As one of Raleigh/Durham’s top cyber security professionals, my team at RCOR can install easy to use email encryption software applications. This software will encrypt any type of sensitive communication that leaves your office. When an email is encrypted, only the receiving party will have access to it... Keeping your business safe.

But let's go back to Edward Snowden just for a second… did you know that there is a new movie coming out that focuses on exactly HOW he opened the eyes of so many Americans on what was happening in Washington?

Like him or not… Snowden made us all aware that Big Brother is watching.

Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from Big Brother? We’re giving away free tickets to the Snowden movie.

Book an email encryption consultation with me prior to September 15, and I will give you two free tickets to the opening day showing of Snowden in the Raleigh/Durham area. Sign up above or reach out to RCOR Technologies at tim@rcor.com or (919) 313-9355 to learn more.

Timothy Richter Founder & CEO of RCOR Technologies


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