Affordable – Scalable – Fully-Managed – Powerful

Where does lightning come from? Clouds! Want to control the POWER of lightening for YOUR business? Move UP to the CLOUD!

Are you tired of constantly dealing with server issues and upgrades? Is your staff chained to their desks because your business I.T. hasn’t caught up to the new, mobile economy?

It’s time to make the move UP to the CLOUD!

RCOR Technologies has assisted companies all across North Carolina in their move to cloud mobility, power, and productivity.

What do we offer to make the cloud work best for you?

  • Private Cloud – For clients that need complete control of their systems at all times
  • Office 365 – The very best in cloud-based office productivity applications
  • Hybrid Cloud – For the clients that want the best of both worlds, combining public cloud power and functionality with private cloud confidentiality

Cloud technology can scale with your company, saving you capital expense and speeding your time to market.

  • Get the business continuity and offsite backup you need
  • Get rid of outdated hardware concerns
  • Get the same I.T. tools the big businesses use

RCOR Technologies can help you blur the lines between physical and virtual by using dedicated servers and cloud servers integrated into a seamless, fully-automated platform. This allows your cloud assets to be available when and where you want them. With our cloud services you get:

  • Remote monitoring
  • Event log tracking
  • Technical support
  • System and file backup
  • Patch management
  • Virtualization

Access the power of serious hardware and software without the high cost of purchasing it yourself! Move UP to the CLOUD with RCOR Technologies.

Let us show you how you can get a competitive edge by leveraging cloud technology! Contact us at (919) 313-9355 or We’re the IT professionals businesses in Raleigh trust.