The Wall Group, located in Durham, NC, is a service oriented specialty contactor that specializes in award-winning craftsmanship at museums, industrial, and medical institutions from the Carolinas to Washington, DC – offering unparalleled services and maintaining consistent focus on the core aspects of their business.

When the Wall Group was looking to move from a simple file sharing solution to an actual server, RCOR Technologies was able to provide the expertise and knowledge necessary to make the change.

As a service oriented specialty contractor with clients from the Carolinas to Washington, DC, the Wall Group relies heavily upon their information technology to communicate with clients while ensuring successful project completion within specified time frames.

RCOR Technologies Offers the IT Expertise and Guidance Needed to Successfully Complete ANY IT Project!

As a leading IT support company in Raleigh/Durham, NC, RCOR Technologies offers the IT expertise and guidance necessary to successfully complete any IT project on time and within budget.

Since working with RCOR Technologies, the Wall Group now benefits from the following changes:

  • A server with file sharing and remote access that allows them to collaborate on projects and access information from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Offices 365 to communicate effectively and stay on track of projects due to the ability to have their calendars integrate with each other.

Ultimately, RCOR Technologies was able to help them improve productivity, enhance collaboration, and communicate more efficiently; overall improving their bottom line.

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