As cute as your furry patients are, you take your business seriously…

And so do we!

The RCOR Technologies team of IT professionals has put in the time to understand the unique technology needs of the animal healthcare industry.

What do we do for Veterinarian Clinics?

We ensure that your IT system is up to the job of handling the volume of work that you do in a day.

We make sure to close any security gaps and put cybersecurity measures into place that ward off intrusion attempts.

We become your single point of contact veterinarian IT Support and ensure that everything is geared to the way your office works.

But enough about us…what about YOU?

You want to be able to USE your technology without wasting TIME fixing it.

Everything is done on the computer these days. But… It’s nearly impossible to get patients checked in, get their charts updated, and process their billing if the system keeps cutting out or bogging down.

Even fifteen minutes of downtime can add an extra two hours of work onto your already hectic day.

Nobody wants that!

So what’s the solution?

The RCOR Technologies team’s total IT care is the solution.

We can help you increase efficiency and decrease your IT-related stresses.

Let us care for the IT in your Veterinarian Practice, so…
You can be free of doing your own IT.

You can budget your IT expenses – instead of paying high break/fix bills.

You can see more patients in a workday.

You can get home sooner – we won’t tell.

Let’s have a talk. Contact us at (919) 313-9355 or