Most of us tend to associate getting something of value with an equal dollar amount exchanged for (in this case) IT services. As such, many business owners tend to associate “top-tier” IT consulting services with a high premium measurable only in a high dollar amount. Well, RCOR is here to state definitively that you don’t need to spend comparatively high dollar amounts to receive something of great value – IT services in Raleigh, where we’re concerned.

This is causing a fair amount of confusion or misconception in the business world, with many companies keeping only bare-bones IT crews on the payroll, instead of having their network support staff augmented by technically-certified, service-qualified IT specialists handling the more time-consuming, complex aspects of IT systems management, such as server monitoring and intrusion detection and prevention.

The average small business owner might respond to that by saying, “There’s no way we can afford to have both in-house and IT outsourcing managing our network. We’re already stretched thin on expenditures as it is.”

But, many business owners have now discovered that through the advent and auspices of having a consistent, fixed-monthly-rate managed IT services (MSPs) handling their IT management, they can indeed have the best of both IT service worlds working to keep their IT infrastructure on an even keel, 24/7/365.

In all actuality, the aggregate cost of having an MSP taking care of your business IT support and management is much less than taking on the training and salary of another in-house IT specialist. And, it’s also a miniscule fraction of the cost of just one day’s worth of data center downtime.

RCOR delivers both remote IT support and onsite computer support in a timely, expert fashion, in effect acting as both in-house and outsourced IT consultants who can cover every aspect of small business IT support. Not all IT services companies in Raleigh can say that – and back it up with proof positive.

Don’t Wager Against Disaster-Mitigating IT Support Services in Raleigh

The truth is that not having consistent, dependable Raleigh IT services could cost you far more than you’d care to consider. For 80 percent of businesses who experience catastrophic data loss and downtime, it ends up costing them their very livelihoods. Don’t wait for disaster to strike – prevent it with our client-dedicated managed IT services in Raleigh NC! Contact an RCOR IT consultant today at (919) 313-9355 or email us at for more details on how to get started.