For the second time in two months, a large computer virus has spread around the world attacking businesses.

This latest major ransomware attack hit on June 27th.  It started in Russia and the Ukraine, made its way throughout Europe, and finally landed in the U.S. This malicious software locked up computer files with unbreakable encryption and demanded a ransom for its release.

In the United States, the malware affected companies such as Mondelez International, the owner of food brands such as Oreo and Nabisco, and pharmaceutical giant Merck, that has with facilities in the Triangle.

A similar attack in May paralyzed hospitals, government agencies, and multinational corporations. This latest global cyber attack shares something in common with May’s outbreak of ransomware dubbed WannaCry. Both spread using digital lockpicks originally created by the NSA that was later published to the web by a mysterious group known as the Shadowbrokers.

Tim Richter of RCOR Technologies, was recently interviewed by News of Raleigh/Durham regarding the increase in ransomware attacks:

“Thieves on the Internet never take a day off. It’s a constant thing,” said Tim. “They are ways of making money. They are after ways of disrupting things.”

You must protect both your business and home computers. 

Ransomware doesn’t just affect big companies, home computers can be targeted and infected as well. “They are just as much at risk,” said Tim. “The end user, is the last line of defense.”

 Tim’s advice:

  • Make sure your Windows, OS and all anti-virus programs are up to date.
  • Use complicated passwords.
  • Make backups of files to protect them in the event you’re targeted.
  • And don’t click on suspicious emails or web links.

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